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Leef pijnvrij

Chronic pain

Pain is a natural warning mechanism. Chronic pain also is quite often a warning, however, more often then not it is not completely clear why that mechanism has set in. According to the brain, there is a ‘danger’ from which one needs protection. This is perceived as ‘real’, bodily pain. nevertheless, the cause of that perceived pain does not necessarily have to be of a purely physical nature. All to often, patients are diagnosed with arthrosis, arthritis, slipped vertebrae or a hernia. People are manipulated, operated on or are prescribed infection inhibitors – but the pain does not cease. The perceived  ‘abnormality’ is obviously not the cause of the pain.  Painkillers may be ineffective or even; enhance the problem.  Prescribing painkillers, moreover, is denying the problem: it is like the little warning sign that comes on in ones dashboard display when one is running low on fuel. One does  not cover that sign with a sticker, in order not to see the warning.

Chronic pain, however, can be alleviated by looking beyond the actual painful spot. By observing the entire human body we can quite litterally see how someone ‘stands’ in life. This is how the ‘live painfree!’program works. A multidisciplinary approach which eliminates chronic pain by learning a correct body stance, deep massage techniques (Myofascial Energetic Release), awareness and the creation of inner peace.

Live Painfree!  teaches you how to eliminate pain. YOU are in control. You do not ‘surrender’ your body to some practitioner. Together with your trainers, you will discover find what works for you; you wuill learn about the causes of your pain, what you can do to heal and, perhaps more important: to stay in the shape necessary to eliminate the problem for good.

Start living pain free!